Income and Resource Verification

Check List of What to Bring

In order to apply for any Adult Medicaid Program you must fill out an application and have a face-to-face interview.  Applications are not mailed, faxed, or available on line.  In order to complete the application process you must bring in or supply the following verifications:

    Birth Certificate  and Social Security Card 
    Medicare Card and any other health insurance cards
    Marriage Certificate/Divorce Decree
    Death Certificate of Spouse
    Naturalization Papers
    Alien Registration Card  (must have a minimum 5 years in U.S.)
   Power of Attorney
   Current Social Security (Gross and Net)
    Current Pension (Gross and Net)
    Last 5 pay stubs (paid weekly);  Last 3 pay stubs (paid bi-weekly)
    Last 3 Unemployment Checks

    Current Annuity Payments

    Passbook/Bank Statements (last 4 consecutive months)
    CD's, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Saving Certificates
(must be reported and verified) 
    Life Insurance Policies (both current value and cash value)

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