Adult Health Services

Our Various Health Care Services are designed to help:

    • Elderly- People 65 years of age or older

    • Blind Adults

    • Disabled- People of any age who are unable to work at any capacity for  at least one year


All of our programs have primary eligibility factors set by State and Federal guidelines that must be met such as:

    • Income Levels

    • Resources Levels

    • Medical Status - For some programs


The Board has Medicaid programs  if you need help with prescriptions, doctor costs, homemaker/home health aides, AID's care, traumatic brain injury, hospice as well as nursing home costs and assisted living.

If you are married and only one partner needs help, we might be able to assist you.

For nursing home  assistance,  we have provisions for the spouse that remains in the community to apply for part / all of the income of the partner entering the nursing home.

          We are here to help you!

         Please call (609)518-4943 for more
information or you can go to to fill out an application.  You can view the Income / Resource Guide as well as the Verification Check List that tells you what you need to bring or supply to verify your income and resource amounts.