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Families First Program Food Stamp Application




Household Change in Circumstances

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Please bring in the following verifications in order to help determine possible eligibility for the following programs:
Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
General Assistance (GA)
Food Stamps (Families First Card)
New Jersey Care Medicaid Program

Verification of all earned and unearned income for the most recent month. 
Most recent month's pay stubs or a letter from employer
Self Employment quarterly balance sheet
Child Support and alimony verification
Verification of Social Security SSI Disability and      Pension benefits for household members
Workers Compensation award letters
Unemployment benefits receipts

Resources of Household Members
Bank and or Credit Union statements
Stock and or Bond ownership verification
Car registrations
Real estate ownership verification

Driver's license, voter registration card, work or school ID card

Mortgage book, tax bill, rent receipt, lease. Utility bills if you are responsible for these cost
Rental assistance award letter

Social Security cards, or proof that you have applied for a number
Birth certificates of children

Depending on your individual circumstances there may be other items requested in order to determine eligibility.

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